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AIHARA Miki - General Discussion Community
18th-Aug-2006 07:23 am
{Haruhi} FAI-TO!
*cough* I mean, hi XD. I'm sorry I have nothing to offer, I would maybe try some fanart, alas, my computer er...exploded =__=" (well, spontaenously burst into flame) so it's a bit difficult at the moment...and I'm Marissa n__n. Have to say, even though Miki Aihara's work can be predictable at times most of the manga are worringly addictive...o__O. Right now I'm reading Oujiasama No Kanojo (no duh XD) thanks to DGT *^*;; as well as So Bad, As Long As The Sun Shines in the Sky, Seiten Taisei and Teacher's Pet. (Only now that I make a list do I realise just how much stuff of her's I read XD)

For me, Aihara's works are a guilty indulgence x3, but I have to say out of all her manga I actually like Hot Gimmick the least o__o...perhaps it's just me, but I much prefer Michiru, at least she's got some backbone!  But then again, I think I may be the odd one out 'cause isn't Hot Gimmick the most popular choice? Hmm...I just feel sorry for the 'brother'...he's so sweet v__v OK, no good at intros...*sigh*

Have I got this right? OujiaKano is three chapters long + bonus fourth chapter with a sequel on it's way?
Oh, and you guessed it, favourite guy? Has to be Farid. For once, I'm going with the popular choice here D: either him or Ishak 'cause he's such a meddling cutie :3


ps- Oh, just in case anybody's wondering, for other mangas I like almost everything by CLAMP, Loveless (though it is hella confusing *A*), Bleach, Heaven!!, Kimi Wa Pet, Honey & Clover, Kare Kano, Crimson Hero...and some more I can't remember at the moment >w<
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